Gardy loo, Orthographers!

We’re going to shower you with random words!  Our 50th Anniversary is February 2020.  Help us by writing a story.  Alas, not for a cash prize, but for a prize, honoring the history of the Annual Atlanta Open Orthographic Meet!

We’ll make our 2019 words available, complete with definitions & pronunciations for you to create a story, poem or essay.  Select the words you wish to include, as many as you can. One prize will be for who most successfully incorporates the largest number of words from our list.  Another will be for best overall creation. 

We’ve been collecting interesting words for almost a half-century.  Finding unused fun or fascinating words that fit all of our criteria gets more challenging each year.  We try for a range of subject areas and linguistic origins, rather than an organizing theme. So you’ll have to find your own theme.  Julie Tuttle provided a wonderful example with her “Homage to the 2015 Atlanta Open Orthographic Meet.”  I do believe she managed to use the entire 2015 list.  

Your task will be daunting.  You’ll be working with a gallimaufry (1999), a plethora (1993), a smorgasbord (1975) of words to make something scintillating (2000) or poignant, (1997) with finesse (1979) or panache. (1995), Hopefully it will not just be an exercise in logomachy (1999).  It can be giocoso (1995),  or risible, (1977), even lachrymose (2009) is allowed, but hopefully not an incendiary (1979)  philippic (1986) or jeremiad. (1995)

We want you to turn them in in 2019, so the deadline is Dec. 31st.  Once you have the words, your daedal (1989) creation can begin…

Note:  Gardy loo (1976), Orthographic (1973)